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"Rather than suffuse the manuscript with mere opinion and assertion, he has dug up the facts and laid out their logical implications. In consequence, the manuscript comes across as sufficiently well researched and documented".

(Obiora Okafor, Osgoode Hall Law School. York University, Toronto)




The future is now fraught with danger as the U.S. continues to seek world domination unimpeded by either conscience or international law and unhindered by the considerably weaker powers of other nations.

(David Model, Lying for Empire: How to Commit War Crimes with a Straight Face)





The following quotes confirm that EXPERTS in American foreign policy have CONCLUDED that the U.S. is COMPLICIT in 8 GENOCIDES.


1. “In February 1999 the United Nations-administered Clarification Commission (CEH) released the results of its investigation into the political repression that underwrote this history.   The Commission not only ruled that….it [Guatemala dictatorship] had committed acts of genocide against its Mayan population…The CEH also condemned the United States government for financially, technically and materially supporting Guatemalan security forces…”


(History, Motive, Law, Intent. Greg Grandin. In The Specter of Genocide: Mass Murder in Historical Perspective. Edited by Robert Gellately and Ben Kiernan. 2003. Cambridge University Press, p. 339-340)


2. “There would likewise seem to be a strong case for considering acts of the United States at various times during this century genocidal.  To take just one example: was not the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, for example, designed to kill the citizens of these cities because they were part of the Japanese national group?”


(Reflections on Modern Japanese History in the Context of the Concept of Genocide. In The Specter of Genocide: Mass Murder in Historical Perspective. Edited by Robert Gellately and Ben Kiernan. 2003. Cambridge University Press, p. 267)



3. “Washington reports 225,000 killed in the army of its client regime (‘South Vietnam’); and the CIA estimates 600,000 Cambodians killed during the U.S. phase of what one independent governmental enquiry (by Finland) calls the ‘Decade of Genocide’ in Cambodia: 1969 to 1978.”


(Guilt of War Belongs to All. Noam Chomsky. The Observer. July30, 1995. Retrieved from )


4. “In the case of Guatemala, Congress put some restrictions on the Executive limiting its capacity to participate in genocide to the extent that it wanted…”


(The Empire and Ourselves. Noam Chomsky. April 9, 1986. Retrieved from )


5. “The sanctions have weakened the Iraqis tremendously.  They cannot defend themselves and both the sanctions and this war [1991] are genocide.”


(This War is Genocide. Ramsey Clark. CommonDreams. January 3, 2003).


6. “In 1965, the US supported and facilitated genocide in Indonesia…Since 1975, similarly, the US has sponsored and abetted genocide in Indonesian-occupied East Timor.”


(Celebrating Genocide, Dan Brook. Counterpunch. November 26, 2002)


7. “ As Pilger notes, evidence has increasingly come to light of the murderous role that the US and British Governments performed both in initiating and in helping perpetrate the killings…To quite a considerable extent, the new rulers of the world built capitalist success on the Indonesian genocide.”


(The CIA, Suharto and Terrorist Culture. Dennis Small. Retrieved from )


8. The sanctions policy carried out against Iraq, which was installed following the destruction of major civilian facilities affecting health and nutrition during the 1991 Persian Gulf war, would seem to meet the conditions of genocide.”


(Parallel and Linked Genocides. Edward Herman. January 20, 2003. Retrieved from


9. “The American Genocide of the Vietnamese people had its origins immediately following World War II.”


(Origins of the American Genocide in Vietnam. William Blum. Retrieved from )


10. “The direct American genocide of the Cambodian people lasted from 1969 to 1975.”


(American Genocide of the Cambodian People. William Blum. Retrieved from



                                               About The Book


Bold, shocking, powerful, and authoritative best characterize State of Darkness which exposes the war crimes not only of President W. Bush but of nine presidents since 1945.  Public discourse in the United States has yet to debate these violations of international law despite the fact that they attain the level of genocide.  This is a groundbreaking work which for the first time exhaustively details American complicity in genocide.


The book systematically and definitively prove that the United States is either guilty of or complicit in genocide in eight different countries since 1945.  Using criteria that is carefully established in the introduction along with documentation based almost exclusively on declassified documents and with rigorous reasoning, State of Darkness demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt that since 1945, nine American presidents are complicit in genocide.


For example, American actions against Iraq are undeniably a case of genocide given the death of over two million people, the displacement of five million, the more than one million who are in desperate need of emergency assistance, and the complete destruction of the infrastructure of Iraq.  This level of death and destruction are a direct result of the 1991 bombing, the sanctions imposed between 1990 and 2003, the bombing between 1991 and 2003 in the no-fly zones and the 2003 bombing and occupation.  The impact of American policies in Iraq irrefutably meets the criteria of genocide in the Genocide Convention.


Debate on the issues raised in this book is long overdue and is imperative to filling a gaping lacuna in the historical record of the United States.  Knowledge of the suffering and loss experienced by the victims of American interventions has emboldened the author to write this book in the hope that awareness will promote activism.





David Model graduated from the University of Toronto and went on to obtain a Masters Degree from the University of Waterloo.  Since 1974, David has been on faculty at Ontario’s Seneca College, where he has developed and taught numerous courses in the area of political science, mass media, and global issues. 


David has had three books published over the past decade, including 2005’s Lying for Empire: How to Commit War Crimes with a Straight Face, published by Common Courage Press.  His previous books are People before Profits: Reversing the Corporate Agenda, published by Captus Press, 1997, and Corporate Rule: Understanding and Challenging the New World Order, published by Black Rose Books, 2002.


David is an experienced professor who has delivered papers at many academic conferences, including “The Effectiveness of the International Judicial System” at an international criminology conference in April, 2003.  He has presented a number of papers at York University including War Crimes in Iraq (April 2004), War Crimes in Serbia (April 2005) and The Applicability of Hermann’s and Chomsky’s Propaganda Model Today (June 2005). He presented a paper, in February 2008, based on the manuscript at the University of Glasgow Conference sponsered by the British Association of American Studies. In October, 2008, he will be giving a paper on American Genocides at York University.


David’s local newspaper column, “The Global Perspective” ran from 1984 to 1988 and covered such diverse topics as disarmament, arms buildup by the superpowers, and American interventions.  His work has been also featured in CounterPunch, Z Magazine, and Dissident Voice.


David’s unique perspective on politics has been informed by his academic, political and activist experience, as well as by his extensive travels to many hotspots such as Nicaragua, Vietnam, Guatemala and Cambodia. Touring these countries and seeing firsthand the impact of war on the people and the land inspired David to continue the journey to peace through his work and through his books.


David actually just started a new side project here - be sure to check it out!






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